Dr. B.C. Roy Engineering College, Durgapur

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We are grateful to you for having chosen Dr.B.C.Roy Engineering College for your ward’s Institution of study, and we solicit your feedback on Dr.B.C.Roy Engineering College, Durgapur

1 Adequacy level of information provided in the Prospectus and Website
2 Your impression on the overall infrastructure
3 Library facilities
4 The quality of teaching
5 Regularity of classes
6 Ward’s academic progress
7 General administration of the College
8 General discipline of the College
9 College co–curricular activities
10 Extra-curricular activities that the College provides
11 Preparing ward’s for higher education/ competitive examinations:
12 Development of your ward in matters of:
Social consciousness
Ethical standards
Environmental consciousness
13 Placement opportunities provided by the College

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