Dr. B.C. Roy Engineering College, Durgapur


Department of Civil Engineering
Head of the Department
Prof. (Dr) Sabyasachi Chandra
B.E (Civil), M.Tech (Structural Engg, IITG), Ph.D. (Struct. Engg, IIT Kgp)

Year of establishment: 2010
B.Tech. in Civil Engineering (4 years)
Year of commencement: 2010
Current Intake: 60


  • Solid Mechanics Lab
  • Surveying Practice I & II
  • Fluid Mechanics Lab
  • Engineering Geology Lab
  • Soil Mechanics Lab I & II
  • Concrete Technology Lab
  • Building Design and Drawing Lab
  • CAD Laboratory
  • Environmental Engineering Lab
  • Highway & Transportation Engineering Lab


To transform the department into a global center of learning through synergic application of understanding, creativity, innovation and discipline.


Our core mission is to educate, inside and outside the classroom to achieve excellence in education and train the leaders of tomorrow.

Our undergraduate degree programme aims to provide a great platform for learning by offering variety of subject choices covering broad/frontier areas of civil engineering.

Civil Engineering at BCREC Durgapur is a dynamic and growing department, with emphasis on the advances of education and research in engineering education keeping in mind the needs of the built and natural environments for a sustainable development of the society.


  1. To impart quality education by exposing the students to the fundamentals as well as to the practical issues involved in the analysis, design and construction of structural systems, by offering variety of subject choices covering broad/ frontier areas of Civil Engineering; to encourage higher studies and research keeping pace with the current technological practices.

  2. To impart adequate insights and hands-on exposure for the planning, design, construction and maintenance of Civil Engineering systems and communicate the ideas effectively with the other members of the society.

  3. To train the leader of tomorrow by imparting required skills, values, professionalism, team works and a sense of responsibility for the sustainable growth of the society.


  1. Able to recognize and recall the fundamental principles of basic sciences and engineering required for an application in Civil Engineering.

  2. Able to interpret and differentiate basic Civil Engineering problems by associating them with the experiments.

  3. Able to apply Civil Engineering knowledge to design practical and sustainable solutions of Civil Engineering problems.

  4. Able to analyze complex Civil Engineering problems, investigate and correlate theoretical and practical data to ensure valid conclusions.

  5. Able to access relevant Civil Engineering techniques, tools and IS codes, including new measurement, material, construction, computational and testing techniques.

  6. Able to identify the professional responsibilities towards social safety, legal and cultural issues.

  7. Able to justify and influence the knowledge of engineering solutions in social and environmental contexts for sustainable development.

  8. Able to comply with standard professional practices.

  9. Able to act as an effective member of a multidisciplinary team and to assume leadership role in Civil Engineering activities.

  10. Able to communicate effectively by oral, written, graphical and geometrical means.

  11. Able to adhere to the basics of project management, business, finance with a matured leadership attitude in multidisciplinary environments.

  12. Able to select the options available for sustainable development through the process of lifelong learning.


Srl No Name of Faculty Designation Qualification
1 Prof.(Dr.) Sabyasachi Chandra Professor & HOD BE, M.Tech, Ph.D
2 Prof. Subhransu Goswami Associate Professor BE, M.Tech
3 Prof. Chhanda Mondal (Roy) Assistant Professor BE, ME
4 Prof. Arijit Kumar Banerji Assistant Professor B.Tech, M.Tech
5 Prof. Ashis Kr. Som Assistant ProfesBE, sor M.Tech.
6 Prof. Prakash Mondal Assistant Professor B.Tech, ME
7 Prof.(Dr.) Sanjay Sengupta Assistant Professor B.Tech, M.Tech, Ph.D.
8 Prof. Chanchal Das Assistant Professor B.Tech, ME
9 Prof. Md. Hamjala Alam Assistant Professor B.Tech, M.Tech
10 Prof. Shovan Roy Assistant Professor BE, M.Tech
11 Prof. Ankita Som Assistant Professor BE, M.Tech
12 Prof. Anindita Pan Assistant Professor BE, M.Tech
13 Prof. Amit Kotal Assistant Professor B.Tech, M.Tech
14 Prof. Anupam Kumar Biswas Assistant Professor B.Tech, M.Tech
15 Prof. Pranoy Roy Assistant Professor BE, M.Tech
16 Prof. Sayantan Dutta Assistant Professor BE, M.Tech
17 Prof. Soumyadip Das Assistant Professor B.Tech, ME
18 Prof. Subhashis Chowdhury Assistant Professor B.tech, ME
19 Prof. Suvankar Maiti Assistant Professor B.Tech, M.Tech
20 Prof. Koyndrik Bhattacharjee Assistant Professor B.Tech, M.Tech