Dr. B.C. Roy Engineering College, Durgapur


Department of Mechanical Engineering Head of the Department Prof. (Dr) Kanchan Chatterjee BE, M.Tech, Ph.D

Year of establishment: 2000

B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering (4 years)
Year of commencement: 2003
Current Intake: 120
M.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering (2 years)
Year of commencement: 2009
Current Intake: 18


  • Highly qualified faculties from IIT, NIT, JU, IIEST & other leading universities in India.
  • Modern Infrastructure & Laboratories.
  • State of art Computer Lab having Modern learning facility like AutoCAD, Creo, Inventor, Ansys, etc.
  • Well established R&D Cell for research work & guidance.
  • Well equipped class room.
  • Digital Class Room facility.
  • Innovative curriculum & Job oriented learning environment.
  • Personality Development programs.
  • Soft Skill Development Programs.
  • Mentoring System to give special care to our students.
  • Corporate interaction & Industry Visit.
  • Mock test for placement.
  • Wi-Fi campus with High speed internet.
  • Exclusive departmental library apart


  • Engineering Graphics Lab
  • Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics Lab
  • Thermal Engineering Lab
  • Heat Transfer Lab
  • Internal Combustion Engine Lab
  • Computer Graphics Lab
  • Dynamics of Machine Lab
  • Metrology & Measurements Lab
  • Machine Drawing & Design Practice Lab
  • Advanced Manufacturing Lab
  • Applied Mechanics Lab
  • Manufacturing Process Lab
  • Material Testing Lab
  • Mechatronics Lab


  • Carpentry Shop
  • Pattern Shop
  • Forging Shop
  • Moulding and Casting Shop
  • Tin Smithy Shop
  • Fittings Shop
  • Machine Shop


Mechanical Engineering Department, established in the year 2003, produces graduates who can meet the needs of rapidly changing industry which demands new skills and knowledge of modern technology. The Department offers B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering and M.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering. Vision of the Department is to deliver world-class education and research in Mechanical Engineering, with particular regard to their application in industry, healthcare and commerce in a diverse society. It has a conducive ambience and specialized laboratories like CAD-CAM & Robotics Lab, Mechatronics and Modern control Lab, etc along with conventional laboratories like Mechanical Workshops, Thermal lab, Dynamics of Machines Lab, etc. The infrastructure fully supports experiments as prescribed in MAKAUT curriculum. Separate Computer Laboratory was established for teaching computer aided design and analysis of devices using various software like AutoCAD, Creo, ANSYS etc. The department is facilitated with high speed internet connection for acquiring knowledge from the web. Undergraduate students get opportunity to involve themselves in high-end research work to build skills beyond curriculum. In addition to classes, the Department organizes regular visiting lectures delivered by Industry Experts and arranges industrial visits for both faculty and students. Postgraduate scholars are engaged in high-end research and publication activities.

The WBUT syllabi followed by the department are very progressive and together with these, the AICTE norms / recommendations make way for complete reformation. The department, starting in 2003, makes a modern beginning this millennium with spacious labs (70-90 Sq.M.), classrooms and a sprawling workshop that covers over 1250 Sq.M. space with Machine Shop, Welding Shop, Foundry, Forging, Carpentry, Smithy, and the list grows. The Labs are planned to provide state-of-the-art facilities with machine and equipments that pertain to our updated curricula : Labs for Fluid Mechanics, Thermal Power, Engineering Graphics, Strength of Materials, CAD/CAM, Machine Dynamics, Robotics/CNC… are all passing through a brisk process of development.


To produce professionally competent engineers to cater to the needs of the industry, society and nation.


To provide excellent opportunity for producing professionally competent engineers with the sense of social and moral responsibility by creating value added teaching and motivation for research.


  1. To provide conducive learning environment and quality technical education emphasizing the mathematics and science fundamentals related to mechanical engineering program to achieve professional excellence.

  2. Graduates should prepare themselves for carrying out higher studies and quality technological research & development skills to keep pace with the current technological trends through out the career, either in industry or in enterprenurship and ready to take leadership & capable of working as a member of multi discipline team.

  3. To foster a sense of responsibility, professionalism, team work and ethical values by developing skills in, management and allied studies through well balanced courses which will help to develop a symbiotic relationship between the institution, society and the community.


  1. Graduate will possess strong fundamental knowledge on applied mathematics, applied sciences and foundational Engineering concept for application in discipline.

  2. Graduate will develop confidence and will be able to design and conduct experiment on it as well as to analyze the problem and interpret data.

  3. Graduate will have the ability to design components, fluid & thermal systems , manufacturing processes and conduct testing experiment on it and interpret data for its development to meet desired needs within realistic constraints such as economic, environmental, social, political, ethical, health and safety.

  4. Graduate will possess fundamental knowledge and will have the ability to investigate complex problems with multidisciplinary team effort.

  5. Graduate will possess knowledge of using Modern tools e.g. CAD/CAM and other Mechanical Engineering software like Inventor, Auto-CAD, CREO 2.0 & ANSYS and have the ability to apply their knowledge from these for the solution of Mechanical Engineering problems.

  6. Graduate will be able to provide engineering solution, design solution which are society friendly and in this context graduates will also be able to analyze the local and global impact of Engineering on society.

  7. Graduates will be able to develop an environment friendly and cost effective new system and also have serious concern for the society.

  8. Graduate will learn the ability to understand the professional and ethical responsibility.

  9. Graduate will learn the ability to function individually and on multidisciplinary teams to solve complex Engineering problems by mutually sharing the knowledge with other team members.

  10. Graduate will learn the ability to function individually and on multidisciplinary teams to solve complex Engineering problems by mutually sharing the knowledge with other team members.

  11. Graduate will possess managerial skills and also have the knowledge of contemporary issues and will be able to perform in a project team. Graduate will gather the ability to calculate average cost of component, system and are capable of handling the project financially.

  12. Graduate will develop confidence for self and have the ability to engage in life long learning.


  1. Graduates will demonstrate the knowledge of applied mathematics and advanced software tools for design specification, development such as fabrication, analysis such as testing and operation of the physical systems, components and processes involved in mechanical engineering.

  2. Graduates will demonstrate the knowledge, skill and attitude to analyze the cause and effects on machine elements, processes and systems.


Srl No Name of Faculty Designation Qualification
1 Prof.(Dr.) Kanchan Chatterjee Professor & HOD BE, M.Tech, Ph.D
2 Prof.(Dr.) Chandan Chattoraj Professor BE, M.Tech, Ph.D
3 Prof.(Dr.) Subrata Samanta Associate Professor BE, M.Tech, Ph.D
4 Prof.(Dr.) Arijit Banerjee Associate Professor BE, M.Tech, Ph.D
5 Prof. Shyama Charan Chakrabarty Associate Professor BE, M.Tech
6 Prof.(Dr.) Manoj Kundu Assistant Professor B.Tech, M.Tech, Ph.D
7 Prof.(Dr.) Rupali Assistant Professor BE, M.Tech, Ph.D
8 Prof.(Dr.) Subhas Chandra Moi Assistant Professor B.Tech, M.Tech, Ph.D
9 Prof. Ranjit Kumar Roy Assistant Professor BE, M.Tech
10 Prof. Pabitra Kumar Mandal Assistant Professor BE, M.Tech
11 Prof. Partha Sarathi Bose Assistant Professor AMIE, M.Tech
12 Prof. Shivabrata Mojumdar Assistant Professor BE, M.Tech
13 Prof. Subhajit Bhattacharya Assistant Professor BE, M.Tech
14 Prof. Suman Karmakar Assistant Professor ME, M.Tech
15 Prof. Chitta Sahana Assistant Professor B.Tech, M.Tech
16 Prof. Siddhartha Bhowmick Assistant Professor BE, M.Tech
17 Prof. Rajeev Ranjan Assistant Professor B.Tech, M.Tech
18 Prof. Arka Banerjee Assistant Professor B.Tech, M.Tech
19 Prof. Rakesh Biswas Assistant Professor BE, M.Tech
20 Prof. Anubhab Roy Assistant Professor B.Tech, M.Tech
21 Prof. Pranesh Kumar Das Assistant Professor BE, M.Tech
22 Prof. Deepak Kumar Assistant Professor B.Tech, M.Tech
23 Prof. Soumyadip Das Assistant Professor B.Tech, ME
24 Prof. Subhashis Chowdhury Assistant Professor B.Tech, ME
25 Prof. Koyendrik Bhattacharya Assistant Professor B.Tech, M.Tech