Dr. B.C. Roy Engineering College, Durgapur


Computer Science and Engineering Head of the Department Prof. (Dr) Chandan Koner B.Tech, M.Tech, Ph.D

Year of establishment: 2000

B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering (4 years)
Year of commencement: 2000
Current Intake: 120
M.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering (2 year)
Year of commencement: 2009
Current Intake: 18


  • Outcome Based Education
  • Achieving the Engineering Graduate Attributes
  • Regular Students’ Feedback
  • Emphasizing Fundamental/Core Concepts & Practical Applications
  • IT Skill Development
  • Personality & Communication Skill Development
  • Values and Ethics
  • Industry Placements
  • Online Video Lectures
  • Programming Competition
  • Participation in National & International Contests
  • Projects, Training, Workshops, Seminars, Mock Tests
  • Students’ Counselling
  • Intensive Laboratory Sessions on Programming, Multimedia & Graphics, Internet Technologies, Databases, Networking, Opera- ting Systems, Computer Organization and Architecture etc.
  • Guidance for CAT, GATE,GMAT, GRE
  • Ph.D. level Research Guidance
  • Filing of Patents and Copyrights.
  • Assistance for Academic Placements
  • Co-curricular and Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Think IoT Laboratory
  • IE(I) Students Chapter
  • Member of CSI
  • CSI Students Chapter


To transform the department into a centre of excellence for Computer Science and Engineering, through conscious, meaningful, devoted and determined effort of all the stake holders, by synergistic application of creativity, innovation, discipline and social consciousness.


To prepare the students for direct employment in various computer science & computer engineering related careers, pursuit of higher studies and / or research, or entrepreneurship in the field, by imparting them quality and value based education as per the needs of the society.


  1. Highly experienced and affectionate teachers with qualifications from well recognized institutions.
  2. Interactive Teaching-Learning.
  3. PCs with latest configuration in laboratories.
  4. Digital classrooms.
  5. Spacious and well lit classrooms.
  6. Departmental library, Seminar hall.
  7. Uninterrupted Power Supply.
  8. R&D on mobile & internet technology, image and multimedia processing, artificial intelligence and optimization, networking and security etc.
  9. Publications in prestigious international and national journals and conferences.
  10. Organization of and participation & presentations in workshops, seminars, symposia and conferences.
  11. Several awards and recognition won by the students in regional and national competitions / forums.


  • Programming Language & Data Structure Lab
  • Computer Graphics Lab
  • Operating Systems Lab
  • Networking Lab
  • Multimedia Lab
  • Database Management Lab
  • Computer Organization Lab


  1. Graduates of the department are expected to excel in professional career, pursue higher education, research, entrepreneurship by acquiring comprehensive knowledge in core engineering, primarily computer engineering, and also basic sciences and mathematics.

  2. Graduates of the department are expected to abide by the professional code of conduct, follow the principles of financial management, have effective communication skills, be ready to accept leadership roles, and have enough tolerance to act as regular member of multicultural teams working oncomplex projects.

  3. Graduates of the department are expected to become responsible citizens, conscious of society, environment, values and ethics, having quality to adapt in the fast changing world through lifelong learning.


  1. To develop a comprehensive engineering knowledge-base by acquiring structured knowledge in mathematics, basic science & engineering, and Computer Engineering.

  2. To analyze various computer engineering problems.

  3. To design and develop computer based systems and processes for solving computer engineering problems.

  4. To investigate complex problems related to computer science, especially in multi-disciplinary areas.

  5. To use latest techniques and tools necessary for computing in engineering practice.

  6. To identify and analyze the impact of application of computers to individuals, organizations, communities and society at large, and also prescribe precautions against negative impacts thereof.

  7. To identify and assess the impact of the use of computers on ecology, environment and sustainable development.

  8. To acquire sufficient knowledge of professional & social ethics, observe professional codes of conduct and accept cultural norms in profession.

  9. To lead a multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural team, as well as grow enough tolerance to participate as a regular team-member.

  10. To communicate effectively with professional peers as well as with common members of the society at large, on wide range of professional and societal matters.

  11. To understand the particulars of the management of various projects for maximizing the quality while minimizing the time and cost.

  12. To develop an interest in continuous self-upgradation in computer science and related fields.


Srl No Name of Faculty Designation Qualification
1 Prof.(Dr.) Chandan Koner Professor & HOD B.Tech, M.Tech, Ph.D.
2 Prof.(Dr.) Sanjay Biswas Professor B.Sc(H), BE(IISc), MS(USA), Ph.D(USA)
3 Prof.(Dr.) Dipendra Nath Ghosh Professor B.Sc(Math), M.Sc, MCA, Ph.D
4 Prof.(Dr.) Babul Prasad Tewari Assistant Professor BE, M.Tech, Ph.D(Tech)
5 Prof. Bappaditya Das Assistant Professor B.Tech, M.Tech
6 Prof. Hiranmay Samaddar Assistant Professor BE, ME
7 Prof. Suvobrata Sarkar Assistant Professor BE, M.Tech
8 Prof. Saindhab Chattaraj Assistant Professor BE, M.Tech
9 Prof. Amitabha Mandal Assistant Professor BE, M.Tech
10 Prof. Sabbir Reza Tarafdar Assistant Professor B.Tech, M.Tech
11 Prof. Kalpana Roy Assistant Professor B.Tech, M.Tech
12 Prof. Biswajit Mondal Assistant Professor B.Tech, M.Tech
13 Prof. Biswadeb Goswami Assistant Professor B.Tech, M.Tech
14 Prof. Sanjib Saha Assistant Professor BE, M.Tech
15 Prof. Syed Zahir Hasan Assistant Professor BE, M.Tech
16 Prof. Anandaprova Majumdar Assistant Professor B.Tech, M.Tech
17 Prof. Arindam Ghosh Assistant Professor BE, ME
18 Prof. Ruma Ghosh Assistant Professor BE. M.Tech
19 Prof. Poulomi Tewari Assistant Professor B.Tech, M.Tech
20 Prof. Biswajit Saha Assistant Professor B.Tech, M.Tech
21 Prof. Rajib Mondal Assistant Professor B.Tech, M.Tech
22 Prof. Arun Kumar Sadhu Assistant Professor B.Tech, M.Tech
23 Prof. Shaon Bandopadhyay Assistant Professor B.Tech, M.Tech
24 Prof.(Dr.) Raj Kumar Samanta Associate Professor B.Tech, M.Tech, Ph.D