Dr. B.C. Roy Engineering College, Durgapur


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  • Language Lab
  • Physics Lab 1
  • Physics Lab 2
  • Chemistry Lab


Year of establishment: 2000
Year of commencement: 2000


Basic Science and Humanities
Head of the Department
Dr.Dipendra Nath Ghosh
B.Sc (Maths), M.Sc, MCA, Ph.D

The very foundation of an engineering student is laid with his/her knowledge in the basic science which includes mathematics, physics and chemistry. Apart from technical knowledge base, an individual aspires to be an ideal professional through strengthening his ideologies to emerge as a successful human being. Alongside the knowledge of basic science application, humanities and communication makes him complete engineering professional in all aspects. The department of Basic Science and Humanities at BCREC provides the students an appropriate platform for enhancing their basic knowledge skills in mathematics, physics, and chemistry as well as train them in professional English communication and corporate business etiquettes which making them grow up and mature with an ideal ethical understanding and value judgement. The department provides well-equipped labs to make the students excel in the various applications of physics, chemistry and mathematics in engineering. The department caters to the basic need of language development of the students for excelling in communication through business communication classes and focusses on honing the soft skill of the students through specially equipped language laboratory to make them successful not only during campus recruitment but also in every sphere of their professional life.

History bears witness to the fact that mathematics is the most important area in nature science and engineering. Applied mathematics is a branch of mathematics that deal with the mathematical methods that find its application in science, engineering, business as well as corporate industrial sectors with a most of academically excellent faculty members; the department caters to the students with the application of advanced analytical methods through operations research to help them make better decisions.

Engineering Physics is the study of combined disciplines of physics, engineering and mathematics in order to develop an understanding of the interrelationship of these three disciplines. The department of physics provides the platform to understand the broad applications of fundamental physics when combined with problem solving and engineering skills.

The department of chemistry engages in the application of chemistry in engineering by enriching the students with the knowledge of chemistry and chemical reaction that is required in the design and subsequent production of power generating equipment.


Srl No Name of Faculty Designation Qualification
1 Prof.(Dr.) Dipendra Nath Ghosh Professor & HOD Ph.D University of Burdwan
2 Prof.Kaushik Senapati Associate Professor M.Tech NIT DURGAPUR
3 Dr.Aparna Chakroborty Associate Professor Ph.D Jadavpur University
4 Dr. Sourav Ranjan Das Associate Professor Ph.D IIT Bombay
5 Dr. Jayanta Pal Assistant Professor Ph.D Jadavpur University
4 Dr.Santanu Patra Assistant Professor Ph.D IISC, Bangalore
7 Dr.Shashi Bajaj Mukherjee Assistant Professor Ph.D Jadavpur University
8 Dr.Kamal Hussian Assistant Professor Ph.D IIT Kharagpur
9 Dr.Sukalpa Dey Assistant Professor Ph.D IACS, Jadavpur
10 Dr.Abhijit Ghosh Assistant Professor Ph.D Jncobs University, Bremen Germany
11 Dr. Suneeta De Assistant Professor Ph.D University of Burdwan
12 Dr. Sharmistha De Dutta Assistant Professor Ph.D IIT Kharagpur
13 Dr.Madhusree Kole Assistant Professor Ph.D IIT Kharagpur
14 Prof.Sarabjeet Lahiri Assistant Professor M.A VinobaBhave University
15 Prof. Debadrita Sen Assistant Professor M.A University of Burdwan
16 Prof.Sudip Kumar Gorey Assistant Professor M.Phil Calcutta University
17 Prof. Sreejata Sen Sarma Assistant Professor M.Sc University of Kalyani
18 Prof. Subhashish Pal Assistant Professor M.Sc CCS University, Meerut
19 Prof. Sukarna Dey Mondal Assistant Professor M.Sc University of Burdwan
20 Prof. Jaya Mukhopadhyay Assistant Professor M.Sc IIEST, Shibpur
21 Prof. Abhijit De Assistant Professor M.Tech NIT DURGAPUR
22 Prof. Sohini Ghosh Assistant Professor M.A Jadavpur University