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According to the Health and Safety Requirements in the Use of Work Equipment Directive, pressure equipment like boilers, pressure tanks, expansion tanks, compressor air tanks and autoclaves must be inspected at least once a year. Pressure tests must be in 1,5 times of the regular operation pressure. TS EN 1012-1:2010, TS EN 13445-5 and TS 1203

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2019/2/15 · CE certificate Although it is not the officially used name, the EC declaration of conformity is sometimes also called a CE certificate. 92/42/EEC hot water boilers 2014/28/EU explosives 2014/29/EU pressure vessels 2014/30/EU EMC 2014/31/EU weighing

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CE Certificate In Hot Water Boilers (92/42/EEC) | Szutest.com

CE Certificate In Hot Water Boilers. The purpose of the Regulation on the Efficiency Requirements of New Liquid and Gas Fired Hot Water Boilers (92/42/EEC) is to increase efficiency and reduce environmental pollution in new liquid or gas fired hot water boilers with a nominal output power less than 4 kW and more than 400 kW.

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DIBt recognises bodies performing third-party tasks in accordance with EU Directive 92/42/EEC on efficiency requirements for hot-water boilers. Finding a qualified third-party body The recognised bodies under EU Directive 92/42/EEC can be found in the NANDO database of the European Commission.

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